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LOCATION: Nashville, Tennessee

GENRE: Soul/Blues/Jazz/Rock

YEARS ACTIVE: 2002-Present

LABEL: Independent



Matthew Taylor is a Nashville, TN singer-songwriter/musician. During the last decade, MT has performed his original music at thousands of shows across the United States.

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I Wasn't Ready (2019)

Matthew Taylor | Single

Wasted Time (2019)

Matthew Taylor | Single

Now That You're Gone (2018)

Matthew Taylor | Single

Meal Ticket (2017)

Robby Wicks Band | Single

Vices in Disguise (2016)

Robby Wicks Band | Single

Audio Journal (2011)

Matthew Taylor | Album | JMD Records

MT initial mark
Matthew Taylor leaning agains a red wavy wall for a press kit headshot.
P R E S S  Q U O T E S

“HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA, May 16, 2011 /Music Downloads IPOD and MP3 PR News/ --For Matthew, music is not just about making songs, singing and performing them - it's also the message that you share to others. If he sticks to this, he's doing something noble and creative both at the same time.”

— Aileen Cortez, Matthew Taylor Shares His Music Soul With An Inspirational Album

“When it comes to guys playing the piano, it’s been done before. To have younger guys on piano, the pool of talent is not exactly that stellar. There are exceptions, such as Jamie Cullum and Ben Jelen. Now add to that roster MATTHEW TAYLOR. Matthew Taylor began pounding on the keys when he was just three. I imagine him to be like Schroeder with his toy grand piano — and he’s about to make Lucy’s of us, falling in love with his music and piano-playing.”

— Music Finds, When it comes to Music Just Press Play 

“Detroit, MI (Top40 Charts/ Matthew Taylor Music) Matthew Taylor has been in the service of himself and God, and he uses his gift of music to better himself and the rest of the world.”

—, Matthew Taylor Shares His Music Soul

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