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Nashville Singer/Songwriter Matthew Taylor standing against a wall wearing jeans and a blazer.

Matthew Taylor is a Nashville, Tennessee, singer-songwriter/musician whose roots stem from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Best known for his soulful voice and fast hands on the piano, his music spans across genres. Engaging crowds of all ages, his eclectic humor and empowering stage presence leave fans pumped to hear more.


Matthew Taylor's solo album, Audio Journal, and his three singles: Now That You're Gone, Wasted Time and I Wasn't Ready can be downloaded/streamed on more than 750 sites worldwide. Both 2019 and 2020 were busy studio years, meaning a new album entitled I Wanna Be Me is coming soon!.


Interested in booking Matthew Taylor? He is available as a solo act or with a full band. 

"Awesome. Powerful Voice."
 - JMD Records
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